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The story of Telco Srl is one of passion for work and constant growth in the field, step by step. Telco Srl was founded in 2003 on the initiative of highly specialized technicians in the field of engineering and technical consultancy. The two professionals - an architect and an engineer - who have been active as coordinators in the company since its inception, are now the owners of the company and still pursue the goal of offering guarantees of professionalism and quality to their clients.
The firm, whose founding values ​​are reliability and transparency in customer relations, has multiplied its business volume over the past two decades. Today it boasts direct and indirect partnerships with the major operators in the telecommunications market in Italy and with public bodies.

The company has been certified ISO9001: 2008 since 28.09.2009. Last certificate n. 9175.TCO1 wasissued by the CISQ /IMQ-CSQ IQNet accredited body on 24.07.2018 for ISO9001: 2015.

Arch. Pasquale Genovese

Sole Director
Arch. Pasquale Genovese

Ing. Daniele Amirante

Operational Manager
Ing. Daniele Amirante


OUR Team

Il Our team is made up of structural, civil, telecommunications, electronic engineers and qualified technicians, engaged in the activities of technical survey, design and obtaining of permits from the competent bodies, construction management and safety coordination.

Competence, flexibility and reliability are the values ​​that inspire the company to ensure the achievement of the objectives set by the client. The Telco Srl group operates by offering internal staff continuous training courses and by managing operational activities through certified control and quality processes.



The company also makes use of the collaboration of numerous loyal freelancers who have been working for Telco srl over the years. The external network of Telco srl is an important added value, which allows us to expand professional services based on market demands (engineers, architects, geologists, archaeologists, topographers, etc.).

Our network staff is monitored internally through the procedures described in our quality management system to ensure that our standards are met.

Il Network TELCO


Training course for operator "Non-destructive tests, PT method - Liquid Penetrants Test Method" (2 Level 2 Certified operators)

Training course for operator "Non-destructive tests, VT method - Visual Test Method" (1 certified operator 1st level and 1 certified operator 2nd level)

Training course and Certificate for operator "Non-destructive tests, method MT - Test Method Magnetoscopy", Certificate n ° D-00462-MT (n.2 2nd Level Certified operators)

Certificate of training and attendance with verification of learning "Workers in electrical works, Works near electrical systems and Electrical Works under voltage in LV and out of voltage in HV and LV" pursuant to art. 82, 83, Legislative Decree 81/08 - CEI 11-27 IV Ed. 2014 - CEI/EN 50110 - European directive 89/655/EEC

Training course on "Safety at work on construction sites" (Article 10 of Legislative Decree 494/96) and "Safety at work "(Legislative Decree no. 626 of 1994) authorized pursuant to L.R. 19/87 of the Campania Region

Certificate of Attendance of the training course for work at height with training in the use of category III fall protection PPE and life lines


Telco Engineering&Consulting

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